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Know your eb2x

Know About eB2X and All You Need to Fall in Love with it.
Go to Power of Ether

Power of Ether

eB2X uses powerful Ethereum Network for all transactions. Leading to faster transactions at lowest possible fee.

Go to Limited Supply

Limited Supply

Total Supply : 21 Million
Max supply for eB2X token is constrained by Smart Contract would never cross 21 million.

Go to Global Currency

Global Currency

A currency that works throughout the world without losing any value due to foreign exchanges.

Go to FIAT Ready

FIAT Ready

eB2X is ERC20 token which is easily compatible with all Crypto Card providers like TenX, Centra , Monaco, BitPay & More.

Token Information
Contract Address: 0x1450903C63645de5CE4b281a2f00Fc934FEe77FA
Decimal: 8
Token Name: eB2X

Why eB2X

Know How eB2X is Better Than Other CryptoCurrencies

eB2X is the fusion of Bitcoin 2X and Ethereum. Trust of Bitcoin and agility of Ethereum makes eB2X a True Next Generation Crypto Currency. With the power of smart contract, all the transactions happen in a 100% trust-less mechanism.

Transactions in eB2X happen much faster and much cheaper than bitcoin. It’s not just a token, it’s a platform. eB2X token is a necessary element — a fuel — for operating the eB2X platform. The eB2X token can also be used outside the eB2X platform for transactions with lighting speed and lowest fees.

  • 12 Seconds

  • 3 Confirmations Only

  • 1 Minute

  • 100% compatible with well known Ethereum Wallets like MyEtherWallet, Mist, Parity, IMToken & More.


Below are the wallets readily available for eB2X

Coming Soon